…The Artist

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I begin most often with written or spoken language. First, I write.

I obsess about communication, which creates the bridges and barriers between individuals and groups of people, and between the many voices we all carry inside.

I love to explore contrast, which allows us to perceive similarities, differences, borders and continuums.

I am fascinated by surface appearances, and the deeper realities they hide. I puzzle at humans’ delight in fantasy, deception, and manipulation. My work explores the spectrum between truth and fiction, and where and when either might be preferred.

I frequently use photography, video or other types of light contrast tools. I am a photographer and videographer, sometimes an illustrator.

I also work with music or other audio, performance, and experiential processes. I am a musician, and I write and curate music and performances.

I use various three-dimensional materials including paper, metal, fabric, glass and other industrial media as platforms or context for my work.

I have built a varied body of work for over forty years, and I hope for another thirty or so. This site will present a fraction of my newer and in-progress works.

My father spent most of his life trying to explain why people are the way we are. My quest is less grand: I just try to understand what I see. If my work connects ideas, witnesses the world uniquely, or exposes something previously not noticed, I’ll be satisfied.